Be it with roles or relationships, the biggies clearly have a way with things in Hollywood. And the latest to wave his powerful wand is none other than dashing and debonair George Clooney. Divorce attorneys have reported that Stacy Keibler, who broke up with the actor, is reportedly having a tough time fighting it out in Hollywood without George beside her.

Bouncing from One Guy to Another

On the personal front however, Stacy is trying to move on and has reportedly freed herself emotionally from the relationship she shared with the Hollywood biggie. In fact, according to divorce lawyers, she now has a new boyfriend in professional wrestler Jared Pobre.

However, life in Hollywood has been tough for Stacy, after George left. Sources have claimed that her A list perks have all disappeared. She was considered a credible identity in Hollywood only on account of her association with Clooney and she has lost it all with him. If a divorce lawyer is to be believed, Stacy received a rude shock recently when she invited Cindy Crawford for a ladies night and Cindy chose not to show up owing to her loyalty towards George. Stacy was left alone and fuming.

She should spend a day in Honduras or Kenya and find out what hardship really is. Her troubles are comical.

See Ya

Similarly, she was all set to do a role opposite Hollywood actor Ben Affleck. However, that role too has disappeared! Divorce lawyers close to Clooney explained that Ben and George are close and it was on George’s relentless persuasion that the role was being offered to Stacy. And, now that George has nothing more to do with her, Ben has chosen to drop the idea of casting her too!

Well, what did she think was going to happen? This role could have been akin to Brad Pitt’s wife’s role in World War Z which was just awful. People are still trying to figure out why or how he left his cell phone on when riding in the dark to the plane on the South Korean military base. His wife almost got him killed! The audience did not want to see her anyway; more time should have been devoted to the science of that virus.

A New Life

Clearly, Stacy was not prepared for this! And, she now has a tough road ahead of her. With George gone from her side, it had taken her quite some time to emerge from the relationship emotionally and now she also has professional debacles to deal with!