As per a NY Daily News report, Ramona Singer who stars in the television series the real housewives of New York is currently entangled in a web of divorce related issues. Her divorce has become increasingly volatile as her relationship with her former husband Mario grows more and more hostile every day.

According to Singer, her former husband Mario is attempting to unfairly take away everything that is rightfully hers. Her fans have shown their support for her through Internet blogs and websites.

Stubborn or strong willed – depends on how you look at it

According to some Ramona’s friends, who briefly addressed the issue in a recent interview, she is tough bear and will emerge victorious. They said that she maybe currently disabled but the moment the dust settles down and she finds herself a new man she will be as good as ever. According to the some friends, Ramona’s fans need not worry about the event changing who Ramona is as a person. They said she is already too old to learn how to be a new person and so she will always be herself.

That is not good though to many people. You have to be flexible and willing to learn new things in life.

According to sources, the word around is that Mario has hired an aggressive divorce attorney and together they are trying to take everything Ramona owns – money, property, cars, etc. Mario may have used the superlative website to find this tenacious attorney and Ramona should use this website as well for her legal sake.

Ramona is also associated with the AOA Bar & Grill at 65th Ave but she is hesitant to sign paperwork which will make her the official owner of the place as she does not want Mario getting a part of the restaurant too.

Before becoming the mortal enemies that they are today, the couple was married for an astonishing 25-years. Mario had been caught cheating and from that point onwards absolutely everything went downhill for the pair.

Orange County attorney initiates end of alimony movement

Steve Clark, a software consultant based in Orange County, has founded the website in an effort to put a full stop to any sort of alimony during the process of uncoupling. According to a Patch report, Clark himself went through a divorce recently and says he attained first-hand experience of some of the many flaws in the system.

According to state divorce attorneys, the website and its proponents have a deadline to meet, they require 365,880 valid signatures of people that back the initiative and they have until November 2nd to be precise, to acquire these signatures. This provision was made by the Secretary of State Alex Padilla.

Study reveals marriage recognition laws barely ever enforced in Tennessee

According to a detailed analysis and presentation of Tennessee marriages and divorces, the family courts of Tennessee have barely ever refused to recognize a marriage that was officiated in another state. In fact, the last time such a thing happened was way back in 1970, as per a report.

As we know, sometimes states refuse divorces to couples (mostly same-sex couples) who were married in another state by citing that their marriage is not recognized in the first place so a divorce is out of the question. However, according to the study, the judges of Tennessee hardly ever do such a thing. Well, how come people do not return to that previous state then to handle their business?