7-time Grammy nominated R&B singer has supposedly consulted with a well-known celebrity divorce attorney and is expected to file for divorce against her long term husband and manager Jeffrey Rolle, as reported by inquisitr.com.

Price and Rolle have two children together, a daughter and a son. As a consequence of their separation, Price will also have to hire a new manager for herself as her husband used to play the role of her manager previously.

Price has also made a statement which explains her sudden decision to file for divorce. She claims that the unexpected death of her sister has thought her that life is short and should not be taken for granted. She expressed that she did not want to compromise on true happiness and did not want to be stuck in a marriage that had gone sour. However, Price has maintained that she has no anger or resentment towards her former husband and manager.

Grown kids

Child custody will not be a legal issue in their divorce as their children are now both young adults. Their son, Jeffrey Rolle Jr. is 23 and daughter Jonia Rolle, 21.

Price has had a very successful career in music thus far and looks to continue doing well in the music scene as she is soon going to release a new album; she has revealed that she will feature the divorce in the lyrics of one of her songs in the upcoming album. Price has worked with the likes of Eric Clapton, Jermaine Dupri, LL Cool J, and others.

The Tonight Show Host Jimmy Fallon on the brink of getting served

Sources have reported that comedian, producer, TV host, and writer Jimmy Fallon’s partying antics are getting on the nerves of his wife Nancy Juvonen who is supposedly getting prepared to file for divorce.

According to celebdirtylaundry.com, a lot of Fallon’s fan base sent him cards and messages over social media wishing that he got well soon as the talk show host had injured one of his fingers and had revealed a cast on his arm recently. He had said that he had carelessly walked into a table and had crushed his finger which almost required amputation. However, sources suggest that there is more to the story than what Jimmy revealed, apparently, he had been drinking with a group of attractive young women and was inebriated to an extent where he had clumsily hurt himself.

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His wife does not seem very pleased with Fallon’s partying, especially given that his recent transgressions have been driving her up the wall. Their relationship has been under a lot of strain in the recent past and she may soon file for divorce according to sources close to the family.

Well, Fallon is no Leno and never will be.

A bit of divorce stats

Meanwhile, as divorcesource.com reports, there is hope at the end of the tunnel for many divorcees. Even those who have signed the dotted line on splitsville agreements once and even twice, do try to find their Mr. or Mrs. Right. According to Professor Stanley at the University of Denver, couples who have been married for over three decades have never been divorced or are likely to face one.

He also notes that there has been a decline in the rate of divorce per year per 1,000 people since 1980. Young couples marrying for the first time face a 40 percent lifetime divorce risk.