Of late, divorces have been the order of the day and the latest on this front is Ramona Singer who has been married for 27 years to Mario. And the news of this split has come as a real shock for divorce attorneys and the general public alike. How could a marriage that has been going strong for as long as 27 years, go wrong? How would the couple, who have been so used to being in company of each other, go about leading their lives on their own? And, to the surprise of many, both have reportedly moved on.

If sources are to be believed, both have promptly moved ahead in life as well! Whereas, Ramona, who is famous for her stint in The Real Housewives of New York has promptly moved over to a new younger man who happens to be in his 20s (some people believe he must be on drugs or delusional). And Mario hasn’t stayed back either.

Not a Pleasant Reaction

According to fresh reports, he is now dating a socialite by the name of Kasey Dexter (some insiders believe she is just looking for some attention). The split had initially been quite amicable until of course Friday night when Ramona accidentally found Mario hooked up with Dexter in their home. Divorce lawyer insiders have claimed that Ramona threw a fit and called the cops, telling authorities that Mario attempted to choke her.

Out of Control

Thankfully however, things calmed down. Quite naturally, Ramona balked when she saw her husband of 27 years with another woman! However, she cooled down soon after and pacified the authorities too. The authorities were pacified to a point where Ramona even offered them a glass of wine. However, they declined and no charges were filed against the couple.

Why does he not move out? Why does she not move out? Obviously this 27 year old marriage must not have been that strong. Were they just fooling each other?

How the divorce shapes up remains to be seen, however. Divorce attorneys who have been contacted wish to conduct the affairs amicably. Hopefully there would be no more bitterness and the separation would go through without a glitch.