Rachel Uchitel is known for creating quite a stir in the social circle. The flurry of action she created in the life of Tiger Woods is known to one and all. However, a personal development in her own life has now set her absolutely free, explain divorce attorneys. There is not any legal obligation or social pressure on her to be loyal to anyone. If sources are to be believed, Rachel has finally managed to clinch a divorce from her ex-husband Matt Hahn. The couple was married in 2011 and they also have a daughter. The break up was nuclear.

Changing Developments

Explaining the causes responsible for the divorce, Matt explained that he had been subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment. However, he chose to withdraw the claim later on. Matt was a football star at Penn State (though he keeps that quiet in light of recent traumatic events there) before graduating to a finance profession. Divorce lawyers who were dealing with the separation proceedings have clarified that the custody of the child has gone to the mother and the father gets the right to visit her. Clearly, there have been potent developments that have pushed Matt on the back-foot from his initial aggressive stance.

Divorce lawyers who were handling the case have also clarified that there has been no exchange of money as part of the divorce proceedings. It has been told that a prenuptial agreement was already in place which has handled all financial aspects. Besides, both parties have ceased to ask for spousal support. The terms of the prenuptial agreement has been kept private and no one knows what the financial terms are.

There is one thing for certain: Rachel is a relationship killer. This is not the first man she has burned bridges with. It seems she does not have too much class.

Out of Control

However, Rachel can now rejoice in freedom! She now has what she was perhaps looking for thus far! She can go ahead, have fun, make merry, and destroy more lives! How she conducts her newfound singleton status, remains to be seen.