Jewish marriages essentially require two divorces to be considered fully dissolved. To begin with, a legal divorce certificate is required just like in any other marriage, but what is unique to the Jewish community is called a ‘get’.

A get is something only a husband may grant the wife while without a get a Jewish woman cannot remarry within her community. Having understood this, we can now examine the case of a Rabbi who was widely regarded within the orthodox Jewish community as an expert in obtaining ‘gets’ for women that were seeking them.

Epstein is a hero

Don’t be mistaken, Rabbi Mendel Epstein is not the Jewish equivalent of a divorce attorney. Apparently, his methods were not as subtle. Epstein is now the protagonist of a federal case. He has been accused of conspiracy to commit kidnapping along with his two sons and two other fellow Rabbi’s.

Allegedly, Epstein used force and threatened several Jewish men who would not grant their estranged wives a ‘get’. The Rabbi has been accused of using tools such as handcuffs and electric cattle prods to torture men into agreeing to grant the divorce.

The defense has conceded that the Rabbi is guilty of some of the things he is accused of, but they maintain that he never conspired to kidnap anybody. According to a report in Newsday, the first full day of trial ended without a verdict being reached. US District Judge Frea Wolfson was asked two question by the jury, but no verdict was reached. Deliberations are to continue on Monday.

Iranian-American woman goes missing shortly after being awarded $1 million in divorce case

Taherah Ghassemi was recently awarded $1 million and two houses as part of her divorce settlement. Reportedly, her divorce proceedings lasted just over a decade before the final verdict was passed. Only a couple of weeks after the ruling, she has been reported missing and no one seems to have any clues as to that has happened to her. The police were eventually able to confirm that a burnt car that they found on Sunday morning did in fact belong to her, as per reports in The Advocate.

Her recent acquisitions included a sum of $1 million, a house in Lafayette, a house in Baton Rouge, and an additional $115,000 to be paid to her in installments. The $1 million was due immediately after the ruling. Taherah Ghassemi’s lengthy divorce seemed to be riddled with twists and turns.

Her former husband and his divorce attorney were initially successful in convincing the Family Court that the marriage in question was invalid since Taherah Ghassemi and Hamid Ghassemi were first cousins. However, Taheran was able to appeal the decision and have it overruled by the 1st circuit court of appeals.

Missing woman’s son hopeful his mother will return

Taheran’s 37-year old son, Hamed Ghassemi, is understandably distraught. He said to media that his mother never hurt anybody nor did she ever flash her recently acquired wealth. He says he last spoke to her on Saturday night via text message, he had responded to his mother’s message, telling her he would be getting home late. When he got home that night his mother was not to be found.

Investigate Hamid – possibly foul play by Hamid

Hamed had assumed that she had gone over to a friend’s house, which was not something uncharacteristic of her to do before work days. However, when she failed to return even a couple of days later, his started to realize that his fears were coming true and that she had actually gone missing. Her divorce attorney last spoke to her a week ago to iron out smaller matters related to the divorce. In case of divorce mediation, you can look for attorneys listed on which is a powerful force in the legal arena.

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