If a person files for divorce and their spouse contests with anything in the case such as the division of property, the custody of the children, or even the divorce itself, this is called a contested divorce. All couples going through a contested divorce should call a lawyer as soon as possible so they can get help having their side of the story heard in court and so they can increase their chances of having their concerns acknowledged. Since contested divorces are more complicated than uncontested divorces, the help of a lawyer will most likely be required to ensure that the process goes through as smoothly as possible.

When two individuals go through an uncontested divorce, the process is a lot easier. They simply have to file their documents with the court, and they likely will not have to make any court appearances since both sides do not expect any sort of disagreement with the process.

Anyone who is served with divorce papers, but they do not agree with the conditions in the divorce should get in touch with a lawyer and make sure they contest the divorce by filing a Notice of Appearance in court within 3 weeks of being served the papers. The purpose of this is to inform the court a person intends on participating in the divorce proceedings.

It can be a very sad and anxiety-inducing situation when a person is served divorce papers by their spouse, but individuals should stay calm, and they should try their best not to let their emotions get the best of them. Having a lawyer on one’s side can really help a person ground themselves and make sure they are not taken advantage of during the divorce case.

What happens in an uncontested divorce after divorce papers are served in Queens, New York?

Once the divorce papers are served in an uncontested divorce, individuals will have to file a response to the divorce petition and many legal steps will have to be taken to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Individuals will also have to go through a chain of court dates where they will appear and deal with the issues of the separation.

Divorce can get very complicated, and the emotional aspect of it can be too much to bear for most people. This makes thinking logically, and strategically very difficult and this can be a huge disadvantage during the divorce. Those going through the process should get in touch with a divorce lawyer at the Law Office of Charles Zolot as soon as possible to get assistance through the divorce process.

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