An increasing number of individuals are opting to make a prenuptial agreement as a part of their wedding plans. Though this agreement is anything from romantic, it works as a form of security and provides both individuals with the peace of mind they need to ensure their assets remain theirs in the case the marriage doesn’t work out the way they hoped. What most people do not know about prenups, is that they can also be used to highlight the responsibilities and rights each individual will have during the marriage and it also helps decrease the problems they have regarding financial matters since everything has already been thought out, agreed, and signed beforehand.

Every state has specific rules that must be followed when a person is making a prenuptial agreement and both parties should understand these rules carefully before signing any form of agreement. Prenuptial agreements are also termed as antenuptial agreements and the main purpose of this document is to focus on the issues of property division, and responsibilities in the case of the death of one of the spouses or in case of divorce.

A person can not simply draft this paper up at home and sign it with their spouse, they must be signed before a notary public, and it must be written down as the court will not accept an oral or unsigned agreement. A divorce attorney can inform the couple about the rules regarding prenuptial agreements in New York and make sure all the legalities are taken care of, so a person has nothing to worry about except thinking about their future.

Prenuptial agreements cover the right of each spouse to their property, and the distribution of assets and debts both during the marriage and in the case the marriage is terminated. They also cover the right of each spouse to buy, lease, and sell, property as well as the distribution of assets and debts during the course of their marriage. Essentially, any major issue the couple wants to address, they can do so in this official legal paper.

Who needs a prenuptial agreement in Queens, New York?

Anyone who is getting married should consider signing a prenuptial agreement as this document can be tailored to fit the needs of the couple. If a person has accumulated a lot of assets, or if they have children from another marriage, a prenuptial agreement can be especially useful. Another case in which having a prenup signed beforehand becomes especially useful is if a person has a business that they wish to keep as their own.

Anyone who is getting married should connect with an expert attorney at the Law Office of Charles Zolot beforehand to learn more about prenuptial agreements and to get help completing their paperwork.

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