The first step in any divorce process should always be for a person to call an experienced divorce attorney. During this overly sensitive and emotional time in a person’s life, the last thing anyone wants to do is make careless errors that result in them compromising their rights, and that makes the divorce even more complicated than it needs to be. The unfortunate truth about divorce is that it often takes a lot longer than most people hope. The more assets a person has accumulated with their spouse, and the more children they have, the longer it usually takes to finalize a permanent separation.

The process can be shortened if a person had previously signed a prenuptial agreement, but in most divorce situations, this is not the case. There are a lot of forms a person has to fill, and a lot of paperwork that needs to be filed following strict deadlines. If a person fails to follow the legalities, they risk elongating the process even further and possibly giving the other party an unfair advantage. The court a person will turn to so they can file their divorce depends on where they and their spouse reside, and once again, an attorney will be able to educate a person on the process, so they are well aware of the action they have to take.

A person can opt to represent themselves, but they need to understand that the final outcome of the divorce is going to affect their entire future and way of living. A person should make sure they get hold of as much as possible throughout the divorce process so their future is more stable, and they can enjoy their life after going through such a difficult chapter.

Conditions required to file for divorce in Queens, New York

A decade back, a person needed specific grounds to file for divorce and they could not file unless they fulfilled those conditions. However, now, individuals are allowed to file based on no-fault grounds because of differences that are irreconcilable.

Previously, before the current no-fault laws were put in place, individuals had to prove that their spouse committed adultery, or acted in a cruel or inhuman manner, or that they abandoned them in order to file a successful divorce. Now, if a person is unable to reconcile with their spouse, they can go forward with the divorce proceedings.

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