34 year old Joshua Holt Hamilton has filed for divorce from his wife Katie. Divorce paperwork was filed in a courthouse in Northern Texas says a report in the Denver Post.

Alcohol damaged Hamilton’s career

Court documents do not describe the issues that Josh and his wife were facing and only cites conflict as the reason for their separation. It is known that Hamilton has had a history with substance abuse in the past. Recently, he confessed to having relapsed and succumbed to his addiction once more.

Hamilton would have had a World Series ring if the right fielder of that 2011 Texas Ranger team, Nelson Cruz, did not choke. But even if Hamilton had a World Series ring, he may be still be looking for child custody firm near him and local divorce attorneys.

Hamilton’s divorce attorney also filed a petition which included several requests. Among other things, the petition asked that the court prohibits Hamilton’s wife from using his cars and also requested that she did not prevent Hamilton from seeing his children.

As a response, Katie Hamilton submitted a letter in court which aggressively contradicted Josh’s requests.

His personal life has taken a toll on his athletic career. Owner of Los Angeles Angels, Arte Moreno, announced that Hamilton may not represent the team again. Fortunately for Hamilton, Major League of Baseball (MLB) is not penalizing him for his drug related relapse.

Thor star Zachary Levi and wife are officially divorced

Many years ago, Zachary Levi and Missy Peregrym were dating and had publicly declared that they were seeing each other. The couple and their love life became a hot topic and they were subjected to their share of speculation back in the day.

All good things come to an end, likewise, Levi and Peregrym called it off and went their separate ways.

Years later in 2004, they surprised everyone when out of the blue they announced that they were married to each other. Reportedly, the pair had exchanged vows in a scenic wedding set in Maui, Hawaii.

It has now come to light that Peregrym has filed for a divorce in a Los Angeles court very recently. This request for separation has come only a mere 10 months after the couple’s secretive Hawaiian wedding.

Court papers reflect that neither partner is requesting spousal support nor do they own any property together. There are no children involved.

According to the Daily Mail, Zachary had left clues about his failing marriage when he had described marriage as something that nobody can prepare for.

Divorce rates among older women on the rise

Gone are the days when a woman would suck it up and put up with a bad marriage all her life. Statistics have shown that more women in their 50’s and 60’s have started breaking free after decades of strained marriages to their often cheating, abusive, or inattentive husbands.

Divorce Attorneys who are assisting these women acquire their independent statuses have said that most women wait for their children to grow up and start working before seeking freedom from their partners. According to reports, more than a 1,000 women above the age of 50 got divorced in just 2013 alone. Twenty years ago, that number was approximately only 160 women. For more information on divorce mediation or for hiring a divorce attorney, visit USAttorneys.com.