Professional Golfer and Three-time winner of the PGA tour Jason Dufner and his wife Amanda Dufner are legally separated and they both may have found divorce attorneys off this emerging site in the legal arena called The couple met in 2009 through mutual friends and became married on May 5th, 2012, but in early 2015 divorce attorneys and court papers confirmed that they are no longer husband and wife.

The former Auburn tiger may be on the market again but is poorer by $2.5 million. The court ruling has instructed Jason Dufner to pay Amanda Dufner $2.5 million in spousal support. Fortunately for the golfer, he is able to keep their two houses in Auburn, one of which is still under construction. The settlement was filed on March 16th.

The application for divorce, filed by Amanda Dufner, cited complete incompatibility leading to the parties being unable to live together any longer and an irretrievable breakdown of marriage where further attempts at reconciliation were futile, as reasons for the separation. Wow, did they know each other at all?!

Tessanne Chin and Michael Cuffe’s marriage allegedly on the rocks

Jamaican recording artist Tessanne Chin shot to fame after winning season 5 of NBC’s reality TV singing competition The Voice (a show that will never equal American Idol). The singer married Jamaican radio personality Michael Cuffe in 2011. The two were best friends for almost half a decade prior to their marriage.

Sadly, their relationship has now hit a rough patch. Chin confirmed their split on social media but said that she would respect some privacy in the matter and did not disclose any other details. Similarly Cuffe also resorted to social media. He tweeted saying that Tessanne would always be his best friend and that he absolutely loves her.

There is lot of speculation that adultery had played a part in their break-up but it is only speculation. A couple of weeks ago, photos of Michael Cuffe dancing provocatively with an unidentified female at a party hit the internet.

Country singing duo Tim McGraw and Faith Hill heading for a high-profile divorce

The couple who have been together for a respectable 18 years may have finally had enough of each other. Rumors have always haunted their marriage, but now it seems like the rumors have finally started to take its toll on their relationship.

The couple has three daughters together. Tim’s partying and alcohol addiction is speculated to be the reason for their marital problems. Wow, so Friday Night Lights was not really acting for Tim? It was just Tim being Tim.

Alabama Republicans show they believe in the sanctity of marriage

Republicans in Alabama are the first to oppose any proposed legislation that they consider restricts individual liberties. They claim that the government is often too nosy when it comes to people’s affairs. In addition, they also believe America became the greatest nation on earth because of low taxes and less regulation but also because the American family has been the bedrock of our society.

So this is why they would draft a proposal such as House Bill 150.

According to divorce attorneys, if passed, the bill would dictate that any couple with children seeking divorce would have to undergo a compulsory marriage dissolution education program. The program would essentially constitute of a professional family life educator trying to get the couple to reconcile.

Some people believe that perhaps two people should pass a marriage class before even being allowed to be married.

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