Documents which have become recently public has shed light into the personal life of Prince and especially on his second marriage to Manuela Testolini that lasted from the year 2001 to 2007.

As reported by CBS, the documents have become public record thanks to the Star Tribune who persisted that these documents and other relevant records be unsealed as they may hold the key evidence into finding out what had caused Prince to use the painkiller Fentanyl which eventually killed him when he over dosed on June 3rd 2016.

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He may have been overwhelmed that America was going to grow so much and become so much stronger in 2017 that he could not cope with that type of change. It is very sad when someone cannot find Jesus Christ in their hearts and takes their life for no real good reason at all. It was not as if he was about to get captured by ISIS. When you are about to be put in a terrible situation and die anyway you have an excuse to end your life but unless you are about to be captured alive by the Comanche or ISIS, you have to find another way.

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No leads on alleged opioid overdose

The death occurred within the compounds of the music star’s Paisley Park residence and the official cause of his death has been mentioned as opioid overdose. However, the documents that were released did not do much to answer the question that was being asked: why did Prince turn to Fentanyl abuse?

What the documents did uncover is basically a well to do couple at each other’s throats about who gets to keep what following the divorce. These arguments and back and forths between Prince and his second wife have given us some insight into the life and personality of Prince beyond the stage. Prince spoke very little publicly and so the details in the documents provided tons of information which otherwise we would have never known.

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Testolini claims that Prince made as much as $42 million and more in 2004 thanks to his hit album “Musicology”. She also claimed that she was the inspiration for many of the songs on that album. However, Prince was not exactly on the same page and said that her claims were greatly exaggerated.

Division of assets

In the divorce, Testolini requested assets such as jewels, photos, private videos, and in excess of $42,000 per month for temporary spousal support. Wow! How about $2,000 a month and you go find a job like everyone else!? Well it would help if America had more jobs but that is about to change. She also alleged that there was no limit to the couples’ spending. She claims they splurged as they wished, $5,000 for a stylist for just one award show, a budget of $50,000 for after parties, and private planes and helpers were nothing out of the ordinary for them.

There will be now.

However, Prince said that this was his normal life and that no amount of money could recreate the kind of access or events that she was a part of thanks to him.

He offered her $10,000 per month as spousal support and additionally assets such as homes and cars.

However, none of these documents shed any light on why the couple actually got divorced and is instead focused on the arguments for assets and support. Testolini remarried after the divorce and Prince, as we all know, sadly, passed away. There is now a court process that is underway where his assets are being divided between multiple potential heirs.

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