Austin, TX- Sadly, many Texas marriages don’t last and couples soon find themselves headed for divorce. It’s a frightening prospect but an unavoidable one. There is no way to take away all the pain and aggravation associated with divorce, however you can take some steps to make leaving your spouse a little easier.

The first step you should take is to split with your spouse. Although you and your spouse can still live together, your lives have to become separate.  That means you don’t share a bedroom, continue to engage in sexual relations. Being separated means yours and your spouse’s finances are no longer mingled.  There is no actual legal requirement that you and your spouse love apart, but it can be difficult to conduct divorce negotiations if you and your estranged spouse are around each other all the time.

The next step you should take is to discuss child custody arrangements with your estranged spouse. This is often the most difficult issue for divorcing couples to resolve.  The process of determining child custody can take months of negotiations, so you need to discuss this with your spouse ahead of time. You should also speak with a child custody lawyer in Texas to explain the possible arrangements that might work best for you and your estranged spouse.

You and your spouse need to discuss a few things about child custody such as: Do you want joint custody? If not, who will get primary custody? Which parent will be responsible for child support? What will each parent’s visitation rights be? Which holidays will a child spend with each parent? If you discuss these things ahead of time, at least you and your spouse know where you both stand which can make the negotiation quicker and less acrimonious.

You also need to retain a divorce lawyer if you have child custody issues or a number of assets that need to be divided. It’s true that not all couples need an attorney to assist them with their divorce but there are many couple that will benefit from having legal counsel on their side during the trying process of divorce. Untangling debts, finances and retirement accounts along with deciding what to do with the house is complex. Child custody can further complicate the process. A divorce attorney is there to make certain your rights are protected and to safeguard your financial interests.

Another wise step to take is to get all your financial paperwork together since this is an issue that can also create a great deal of acrimony. Your divorce attorney needs to understand your finances which includes your earnings, assets, debt, deeds and insurance paperwork before. This information allows your attorney to determine what you are entitled to in the final settlement.

If you are headed for divorce, USAttorneys can connect you with a divorce lawyer in Austin who will guide you through all stages of divorce and work to ensure you get the desired outcome.