When a couple with different incomes and property levels marry, they often sign a prenuptial (prenup) agreement that decides how the assets will be affected in the event of a divorce. This is typically used by wealthy stockholders so that their companies are not affected by their marriage. A prenup is employed by a potential spouse who has more to lose in case of a divorce since their assets far outweigh the other side.

Thinking Ahead

The prenuptial agreement puts in writing a lot of agreements that are orally entered into by the couple. For instance, if the couple decides that once they have children, the mother will quit her job to look after the children or child is born, this can be included in the prenuptial agreement.

Defeating the Argument

This will enable the divorce lawyers representing the mother to help her get a proper spousal support and child custody in the event of a divorce. The husband, will not at that time be able to claim that he is not liable to provide spousal support because he was willing to share in child care and encouraged her to work outside the home.

Prenuptial agreements are a marvelous idea for all couples as it will clearly state the assets each brings to the marriage and the way any jointly earned income and assets are shared in the event the marriage fails and the couple divorces. This is all the more important as some states expect the joint property and assets to be divided equitably. If a woman who is earning a lot marries a man who promises to start working full time but then does not do so wants to divorce him, a prenuptial agreement will ensure that she does not have to pay spousal support.

A prenup should be drawn up after you consult with a divorce law firm such as Elliot Green Law Offices who are familiar with the divorce laws of your state. This will ensure that you do not lose your assets in the event that your marriage does not go as previously hoped for.