It has come to light that Amy Demboski’s marriage to Air Force pilot Christian Dempsey required two lengthy and disingenuous court cases for dissolution. The fact entails that either Demboski or her former husband or both of them were at some point or the other during these hearings, untruthful under oath, as per an report.

According to Demboski, in a recent interview, she suggested that it took two court cases as there were complications regarding her pregnancy and custodial issues concerning the child.

The obscure pregnancy details and missing audio recordings

The first attempt at divorce was made back in 1996, when both spouses were 19 years old. The court documents that were filed by a divorce attorney revealed that Dempsey was not the biological father of the child. The case was dismissed by the judge as the initial filingsnotice had asserted that Demboski wasn’t pregnant.

Unfair to Dempsey

In the second case which was filed nearly a year later in 1997, the child had already been born and Dempsey had taken up the role of its father. He was instructed to pay child support despite not getting any custodial or visitation rights. The court finally gave Demboski her divorce certificate on May 30th 1997. Demboski then married her current husband, an Anchorage fire-fighter named Ben a year later.

However, there are still some obscured facts and speculation about the divorce. There exists handwritten minutes of both cases, the audio recordings of the first case seems to have vanished into thin air. It was only recently discovered to be missing after a news company had requested it. Supposedly, the disappearance happened in the year of 2000 when all the cassettes were converted to digital formats.

The main issue lies in the fact that both Demboski and Dempsey had sworn under oath that they had no dependent minors together nor was she pregnant. However, the child was born on July 24th of 1996, which under normal circumstances (9-month pregnancy) entails that she was pregnant at the time when she swore she wasn’t.

When contacted via telephone for an interview, Demboski essentially said that the media was making a meal of it and that she had never lied about the pregnancy, she had only filed for dissolution without children as the child wasn’t yet born.

Dempsey who is now also remarried and living in Virginia was unreachable for comments.

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