Phoenix, AZ-The impact divorce has on both adults and children have been the subject of innumerable studies and we know it has tremendous emotional side-effects. Divorcees can struggle with depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues including insomnia, which a new study found can in turn lead to hypertension and other long-term health problems.

For the study, which appears in the journal Health Psychology, researchers monitored 138 people 16 weeks before their divorce or separation and continued to monitor their sleeping habits several months after their split. Study participants reported on their sleeping patterns and the quality of their sleep and, not surprisingly, many of the participants suffered from insomnia. As sleep problems persisted, researchers found blood pressure also progressively increased.

Participants were questioned about their sleeping habits and had their blood pressure checked at least three times during the study period.

“In the initial few months after a separation, sleep problems are probably pretty normal, and this is an adjustment process that people can typically cope with well,” said David Sbarra, co-author of the study, according to Medical Daily. Sbarra who is an associate professor of psychology at the University of Arizona, added “But sleep problems that persist for an extended period may mean something different,” and these individuals may be “particularly susceptible to health problems.”

The good news is that experiencing sleeplessness for up to ten weeks after split is normal and won’t have too much of an impact on a person’s health. But if the insomnia persists, but if the insomnia persists beyond that time, a person could experience long term health problems.

Kendra Krietsch, lead author of the study said it should serve as a reminder of how sleep affects our overall health and should encourage anyone going through a troubled split to seek medical help if they experience prolonged insomnia.

“If somebody is going through a divorce and unable to sleep, they really need to get some help or it could lead to problems,” Kriestch said.

For those who suffer from high blood pressure before their split, researchers warned they shouldn’t take their sleeplessness lightly.

“Each standard deviation increase in sleep complaints corresponded to a roughly six unit increase in subsequent systolic blood pressure,” Sbarra explained in a press release.

This results from this study shouldn’t come as a surprise since divorce means completely uprooting your life and beginning a new one. Stress, sleeplessness and anxiety are natural part of the process, divorcing couples have plenty to worry about. Issues like child custody, division of property and assets can be troublesome even when an individual has an outstanding divorce attorney.

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