Custody of child

Custody of child

Pensacola, FL- With a divorce rate that one of the most vexing issues divorcing couples in Florida face is child custody. Any number of issues can turn a divorce into battle, but none are as emotionally wrought or difficult to resolve as child custody. For that reason many couples must turn to a child custody attorney in Florida to help them get a fair custody arrangement.

When trying to determine child custody, family courts will consider the following:

  • The age, physical well-being and psychological health
  • The parents’ metal health
  • Each parents’ ability to provide for their child or children
  • Parental and child bonds
  • What parent a child chooses to live with

Upon filing their divorce petitions, each parent was state what type of child custody arrangement they are seeking. Typically, couples ask for either sole custody or joint custody, but before making this decision it is advisable for a parent to speak with a family law attorney in Florida to help them make this important decision.

Joint legal custody and joint physical custody are the most common arrangements and allows both parents to make important decisions about each child’s upbringing. Joint custody gives both parents the opportunity to spend time with the child. For instance, one parent may have custody of their children during the week while the other parent gets them over the weekend. These arrangements can work well, but couples can hit a snag when they try to determine visitation schedules and decide which parent will get to spend time with a child during key holidays and other important events. This where the assistance of child custody lawyer will prove to be valuable and help a couple resolve these issues.

In some cases, legal joint custody can be awarded to one parent, which gives them the sole right to make decisions about their child’s upbringing while both parents share physical custody.

A couple’s divorce can hit a major roadblock when one parent asks for sole custody of a child. If there is a history of abuse, drug use or other risky behaviors on the part of one parent, sole custody may be in the best interest of a child and protect them from potential harm.

However there are cases in which a parent seeks sole custody simply for vindictive reasons. This happens often and courts are left to decide if this type of arrangement is actually in the best interest of a child and if a parent’s reasoning for seeking sole custody is valid.

Some divorcing couples can easily resolve their issues over child custody, but those couples who can’t should get the advice of lawyer. They will explain what arrangement is best for your child and help you and your estranged spouse come up with a satisfactory agreement. If you want a skilled and compassionate custody lawyer in Pensacola, USAttorneys can connect you with one to answer your questions and give you advice on how to proceed with your child custody case.