Ever since Porsha Stewart’s husband Kordell Stewart filed for divorce, the proceedings have turned into a fiercely fought legal battle between their respective divorce attorneys. However, despite the fact that the battle is indeed moving back and forth, Porsha has no intention of backing off and is doing all she can in order to stand up for herself. Porsha strongly believes that she had indeed sacrificed everything for the sake of her husband and he has paid her back by filing divorce papers! Therefore, it is time for him to pay up now!

Her Complaints

Once Kordell filed for divorce on the 29th of March this year, Porsha immediately hired her divorce lawyer through him she requested alimony as well as additional amount for relief. She is also seeking permission to live in the same home she shared with Kordell. In the documents furnished to the court, Porsha explained how she sold off her business solely for the purpose of raising Kordell’s son, as a full time mother. As a result of this decision, her financial earnings have been reduced, she explains.

The Child’s Interest

At the time of filing for divorce, Kordell requested that Porsha should not be considered for alimony simply because she can take care of her own expenses. However, Porsha has clearly refused to take this lying low. She has chosen to stand up for her rights. She has continued to live in the same home and stayed in the marriage only because a child is involved. She had realized that her marriage was not working, long ago. However, she desperately tried to keep things together keeping the best interests of the child in view. Obviously Kordell and Porsha did not attend a pre marriage counseling course or many of these issues would have been prevented.

Sources have also revealed that Porsha’s demands are not on account of malice. She simply wants back what she owes to her husband, post the devastating heart break.