The newly single Porsha Stewart is clearly living up to it like no other, claim divorce attorneys who were engaged in her very recent divorce proceedings. The Real Housewives of Atlanta actor is now showing the world what she is truly made of. Which is apparently nothing.


Recently, Porsha went ahead and posted a couple of bikini clad pictures of herself on Instagram. If sources are to be believed, she was looking smoking hot in both ensembles. Sources close to the actress (not really an actress) also stated that although glimpses of photographs of Syre and Kordell tend to get her emotional, these pictures of her could make Kordell sob his heart out in pure regret. He simply needs to take one look at them! Well, unless he is now hanging out with Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Biel, or Paula Patton.porscha

Full of Herself

Porsha, as divorce lawyer friends explained, was having a problem in choosing between the two bikini ensembles and she chose to take a poll on Instagram. The first one was a completely yellow colored bikini bottom with a top in yellow and black. The second one sported a skimpy bottom that was stringed, along with a ruffled top. Both were neon lime green in color. “Waiting on the fan to get dressed for dinner. Trying 2 choose a fun swimsuit to take my niece to the pool tomorrow”—Porsha commented.

People Actually Care!

The response to her post was overwhelming. Some chose the green one while others considered the yellow one to be the best choice. One fan commented that the yellow one should be the more preferred choice for a play-date with her niece since it is a tad bit more modest. Some people believe that she should have been told to stop trying to make her ex jealous and that she should read a book and educate herself.

However, the general buzz is that she is indeed looking extremely hot in both swimsuits. It is quite apparent that she has been visiting the gym quite often these days. Her toned abs, tiny waist, and shapely legs are all proof of how hard she has been working at the gym, stated a divorce attorney friend! What type of example she is setting for her young family members (her niece) no one really knows.