Seattle, WA- In another surprising and socially liberal move, Pope Francis moved to make it easier and less costly for Catholics to annul their marriage through the church. This is Francis’ latest move to make the church more inclusive.

In the Catholic Church divorce is enough for a person to be ostracized from their church and denied the sacraments of their faith, so many devout Catholics see annulment as an alternative to divorce. But an annulment can be costly and the process of obtaining one is byzantine, time-consuming and expensive. This is something Pope Francis is hoping to correct by changing the process through which a Catholic person can obtain a divorce.

Pope Francis urged church leaders to streamline the process of annulment by eliminating the second cleric review paring down the process, according to CNN. He gave bishops the latitude to fast-track the process and personally grant annulments under certain circumstances such as spousal abuse and said the process should be free with the exception of minimal administrative fees. Pope Francis also suggested the annulment process should only last a maximum of 45 days.

Divorce for Catholics generally means at the very least being ostracized from their peers but in most cases they are denied communion, so they generally seek annulments. But last October, Pope Francis instructed churches to allow divorced parishioners to receive communion and asked priests to treat them with compassion.

Although Pope Francis moved to make annulment easier for Catholics, through the courts the process remains a long and complex one that should be handled by an experienced divorce lawyer in Washington who understands the high legal bar that must be met to be granted an annulment.

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