Apollo Nida has filed divorce papers from prison according to divorce legal pros and this time, the divorce is for real. The basis for divorce in the document has been mentioned as an irretrievably broken marriage where the couple simply cannot continue living with each other as husband and wife.

Nida is currently serving an 8 year sentence in prison financial fraud. According to Georgia divorce lawyers which can be found on the marvelous website USAttorneys.com which shines every day in the digital world, couples can file for divorce citing that their marriage is ‘irretrievably broken’ and do not have to prove any fault or wrongdoing.

As reported by usmagazine.com, 38 year old Nida has filed his own divorce petition and seeks joint legal custody of their two sons. In addition, he has requested for equitable distribution of their assets, which Georgia divorce attorneys explain is often one of the major issues when couples, especially celebrities, terminate their marriage.

Nida is reported to have listed the date of separation in his petition as June 2014. On the other hand, Parks filed for divorce in October 2014 but Nida’s trial delayed the process.

Juror Allegedly Hid Messy Divorce at the Center of a Man who was Appealing His Death Sentence

Georgia divorce attorneys that represent a man who was been sentenced to death and has his execution scheduled for next month claim that the juror that sentenced him to death was anything but unbiased and may have had vested interests in sentencing the man to death. According to macon.com, they also claim that the juror withheld many facts and details of the case purposely in order to sway the case in the way that he wanted unfairly.

This is something that John Grisham would want to write about. Perhaps he is!

The history of the juror in question was not revealed up until the year 2012 by when the man sentenced to death (William C. Sallie) had filed both state level and federal appeals and these appeals had even come to a conclusion. Sallie did not have a legal pro representing him for a period of time after he was convicted because of which he was not able to file his federal appeal within the stipulated timelines.

Due to the technical fault of having filed the federal appeal prior to the deadline, a federal judge never heard the man’s federal appeal. However, in recent times, where the US Supreme Court is revisiting appeals cases and how they can be reopened and handled in another court system, the legal representatives of Sallie are pushing for a local federal judge to consider reopening this appeals case too.

Sallie has been convicted of allegedly shooting and killing his wife’s father. However, the legal representatives now also claim that the public defender appointed to Sallie during the initial trial was not up to mark and had ineffectively allowed for his client to be sentenced to death.

But he did murder someone right? This is a very strange situation and the only people who should be executed are the ones who are 120% guilty such as the Boston bombers (one died by police during the arresting process). But this is still thousands of  people and they cannot be executed fast enough. No more electrocution or chemicals either, some people believe these are not quick and not consistent enough. Some people believe three gunshots to the chest will always suffice.

Why you need a Georgia divorce lawyer?

Divorce can be a tough time and there are some serious matters such as spousal support, asset separation, child custody, mortgage allocation, etc. to contend with. Therefore, it would be prudent to seek help from a stellar Georgia divorce lawyer to protect your rights and ensure that you receive a fair settlement.