This year has been truly eventful for Nicholas Cage especially where his personal life is concerned. Earlier this year in June, divorce attorneys had reported that Nicholas’ son Weston officially divorced Nikki Williams. The divorce was filed in October 2011 and both Weston and Nikki were forced to face arrests for committing domestic violence against each other. It was indeed a short term association that was missed in a blink. And now, Nicholas is in fresh shock! Reportedly, some his personal photographs have been stolen, claimed a divorce attorney friend.

Give him 10 Years!

The photos are reportedly X-Rated and are with his ex-girlfriend Christina Fulton. They were stolen from Christina’s home during the earlier half of this year. The crime was committed by a former handyman when he broke into Fulton’s residence. He hacked into four computers and rummaged a box containing private photos. The report was published in an online gossip publishing magazine. The name of the handyman is Ricardo Orozoco. He was taken into judicial custody last month and has been charged with a felony.

Orozoco had Blackmail on his Mind

However, divorce lawyers have reported that Ricardo has claimed not being guilty and is being held on a bail of $1 million. However, the matter of concern remains that the photographs have not been recovered and the police is looking into the matter. It is understandable that these photographs are explicit in nature and hold immense value for gossip mongers.

Orozoco Better Hope Cage does not go Castor Troy on Him

Besides, celebrities like Nicholas also have an image to protect. Public display of privacy may not be the best suited means of publicity for him. Naturally, the veteran Hollywood actor is clearly disturbed and wants his personal property to be recovered at the earliest. Orozoco is a piece of crap but why would Cage have pictures like that so they can be stolen?

The police have pledged to look into the matter and land the photographs very soon. And Nicholas clearly can’t wait! The sooner, the better it is for him.