Nearly 75% of the states in the nation have already taken or are about to take steps to ensure that children of divorcing parents will get to spend time with both parents while growing up despite their parents being separated and now it’s time for the state of Pennsylvania to make its move.

As many as twenty state assemblies across the nation have expressed their intentions to go ahead and pass legislation which in some form or the other will allow for children to share quality time between both their parents as opposed to the conventional law which stipulates that one parent will win custody of the child and the other will only get limited visitation rights.

According to the state divorce attorneys, this is a marvelous initiative which will allow kids to be positively influenced by both parents and so they urge Pennsylvanian legislators to go ahead and draft a law that will allow this practice.

Divorce Corp – A documentary on Pennsylvania’s flawed family court system

In fact, according to, a documentary that is gaining popularity in the cities of Pennsylvania is being circulated to raise awareness among the general public and bring their attention to the broken family court system in the state which has become more of a money making business than a solution to domestic issues. This aforementioned documentary was directed by Joseph Sorge and was narrated by Dr. Drew and is called “Divorce Corp”.

Divorce Corp also presents the idea of shared parenting post-divorce and discusses the benefits to both children and parents that participate in shared parenting. Even with this better world being spoken about the website should still become familiar to you. Divorce is still a terrible ordeal and there are many factors at stake. You do not want to take on a divorce attorney yourself. You can find fabulous divorce lawyers on this site ready to make sure you are not obliterated by the system and your ex.

Gay divorce – proof that same sex marriage is as real and natural as heterosexual marriages?

We live in a predominantly heterosexual community where of course gay marriages are being legalized. Gay people have all the rights that straight people do, but it is still not the norm to be gay, it is ok and legal but it’s still kind of looked at as abnormal and unnatural, as per a report.

A lot of anti-gay persons believe that it is unnatural and sinful to be gay while homosexuals argue that it is not a choice and that they cannot help who they are attracted to. They say they are born this way.

A closer look at gay marriages and in specific gay divorces has revealed that there is actually some substance to what the gay and LGBT community advocate, that it is not unnatural and that gay relationships are just like straight relationships, it is not always a constant party, sometimes it takes a lot of work and maturity to make a marriage work, irrespective of whether it is a gay marriage or not.

Gay people cannot procreate so how can it be natural?

According to expert divorce attorneys, even though gay marriage and gay divorces have only recently been recognized in most states across the nation, the ratio of the number of same-sex marriages to the number of same sex-divorces is almost exactly identical to the ratio of number of straight marriages to the number of straight divorces. Even with that said, a man acting like a woman, how is that natural?

This new insight, experts say, goes to prove that same-sex relationships are as normal as any straight relationship and is vulnerable to all the same factors. It also means that pre-marriage classes should have thousands of new members but unfortunately these classes are not taken by enough people.