Controversial R&B singer R. Kelly was facing more legal trouble as he was thousands of dollars behind on child support payments, as reported by the New York Daily News.

Civil case requires incarceration for outstanding payments

The well known singer was released on bail just a short time prior for unrelated criminal charges, then he was taken back into custody in Cook County, Illinois for missing a deadline to make over $100,000 in outstanding child support payments. The money was owed to his ex-wife Andrea, who is the mother of three of his children from a prior marriage

This was considered a civil matter, so there are no related criminal charges for the support obligations. However, Kelly would be required to pay the full amount of approximately $160,000 before he would be released. This large sum would be treated by the courts as a purge amount, rather than a bond. There was another court date for Kelly set approximately a week later.

The singer’s publicist claimed that Kelly had been in court just days earlier for a matter related to the sealed child support case and paid $50,000 at the time. However, the outstanding amount was much larger, so the case was not resolved. Kelly also had trouble making payments because of ongoing allegations of sexual assault and related illegal acts that made it very difficult for him to find any kind of work. He was charged with ten counts of various sex crimes, some of which involved minors. He had to post $100,000 of bond money to be released at the time, but he has maintained his innocence when questioned by the media. 

Kelly claimed that he is trying to organize his life and improve his relationship with his children. His current 23 year old girlfriend claims to be happy in their relationship. There was controversy surrounding that relationship as well, as she has mostly cut off contact with her family and everyone else since beginning to date Kelly approximately two years earlier. Some have claimed that Kelly has held prior girlfriends against their will. 

Laws requiring child support

Once an order is put in place by a judge, it is important to take child support payments very seriously. Penalties for missed payments can include losing a driver’s license or professional license, or even being taken into custody as in this news report. The order will stay in place until the child has reached adulthood, and it can only be modified if a hearing is scheduled and a judge puts a new order in place with modifications. 

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