Whether a couple is just separating or they are getting a divorce, a parenting plan can help parents ensure their child or children get care and attention from both parents.

Orange County, CA- Parents who decide to split, whether they are married, separated or just living together, will have to decide which parent will have custody of their child or children and come up with a visitation schedule. When parents split, they can ease some of the tensions by devising a parenting plan. In this article, our team of family law attorneys in Orange County will explain some basics of parenting plans.

You may be wondering: What is a parenting plan? And, how can I benefit from having one? A parenting plan is a legally binding document that outlines how the parenting responsibilities will be shared and what each parent’s rights are in regards to their children.

In their parenting plan, a couple must state if they will share legal custody and physical custody or is a couple will divide a child’s time differently. A parenting plan addresses a range of issues such as where a child will attend school, which parent has custody on the holidays and who is responsible for managing a child’s schedule of activities, homework, and other commitments.

When trying to devise a parenting plan, a couple must take many things into consideration. They should ask: Which parent is the primary caregiver? Which parent lives closest to the school their child attends? Which parent takes a child to school and picks them up? Who takes care of a child when they are sick? Who arranges medical appointments?

A parenting plan covers all aspects of a child custody, visitation and makes decisions about a child’s upbringing.

A parenting plan should be explicit and detail every aspect of custody and visitation, so there is no confusion. A parenting plan will dictate who has custody of a child during the day, on weeknights and weekends. These plans also dictate which parent will get custody of a child on Christmas, Thanksgiving and other important family holidays. USAttorneys recommends your parenting plan be as detailed as possible. It won’t be easy, but if a couple can be civil and compromise with each other, they can develop an agreeable parenting plan.

If a couple cannot agree on a parenting plan, a family court will be tasked with making critical decisions about custody, support, and visitation. Before a case goes to the family court, a judge may order a couple to go to mediation and work on a parenting plan.

Couples who are separating should speak with a family law attorney near their Orange County location to discuss how you might benefit from a parenting plan. Our dedicated team of family lawyers will help you come up with a parenting plan which addresses all aspects of custody, support, and visitation. Set up a consultation and learn about the benefits of a parenting plan.

If you have questions about custody or visitation, speak with an Orange County divorce lawyer.