It’s not very easy for everyone to make the final decision and move on. No matter how mentally independent you are, sometimes it turns difficult to follow your heart and just go on doing what is right for you; especially if you have a kid. In most cases the parents worry about what might be lost if they move apart.

A number of cases in the city of Spokane showed how the high-conflict divorce puts children at risk for emotional imbalance. The scenario gets even worse if the co-parent insists on battling over child custody even if they are using a prolific and fabulous law firm such as And so, here we are to discuss the parenting plan and its essential modifications in Washington divorce cases.

What is Parenting Plan?

The parenting plan is an agreement or child custody decree that states how the children will be taken care of by the separated parents. According to Spokane, WA divorce lawyers the agreement stipulates the residential arrangement and the decisions that shall be made accordingly, such as when and where the children will spend their time, their holidays, and how vacations will work.

The parenting plan may include the factors like education, health, faith and other needs of the children as well. The plan also resolves the differences and conflicts encountered. In short, the parenting plan is the road map that parents should follow to end up with a peaceful separation.

What is the Modification of Parenting Plan?

Even the most well established parenting plan cannot cover every aspect of life. No WA divorce attorney can anticipate what your real life will demand or how the situation is going to change in the long run. This is the reason why many separating parents seek to negotiate or revise or modify the parenting plan.

It is not really a matter of huge trouble to revise the agreement as long as the modification continues to prioritize the child’s interest. Now, when it’s time to officially negotiate with the parenting plan, most likely both parents stay on the same page about the modifications.

Parents must Agree

But what if they are not? That’s again not a very rare case scenario that the co-parent is not open to the revision, and so the other has to enter into a legal negotiation. This is where a fantastic and methodical attorney comes into the picture such as Connie Powell who can be seen and read about right here.

Spokane, WA divorce lawyers suggest that in such cases you must come up with a “substantial change” in the situation and so the modification in the original parenting plan or the one stated earlier is necessary to serve the best interests of the child. And of course, the court will only agree to modify the plan if the parents mutually agree to the revision.

Now what if the court denies your request to alter the parenting plan? Quite possible, if the judge has found that your objective is only to harass the other parent then the judge will feel none of your concerns has a logical stand. So, have your Spokane, WA divorce lawyer plead for you in the best possible manner even if you are going for a minor modification. If this what your children prefer, then the fight is worth having.