Lionel Richie’s adopted daughter Nicole Richie is now a 33-year old mother of two. The supposed fashion designer, former debutante, socialite, so-called actress, and person with little substance started dating Joel Madden back in 2006 and the couple eventually got hitched on December 11th of 2010. Joel Madden is the lead vocalist of rock band Good Charlotte and the brother of Benji Madden who is married to Cameron Diaz.

Nothing surprising at all with Nicole

Madden and Richie have two children together, daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden and son Sparrow James Midnight Madden. However, the couple is now going through some difficult times. Insider sources have reported that Nicole Richie has got the ball rolling to end her 4-year marriage to Madden. As per In Touch Weekly, supposedly, Richie had an appointment with one of Los Angeles’ most prolific divorce attorneys and is now weighing her options.

Her options are to remain wealthy without doing anything. Most rich people work hard to become rich in America, Nicole is a rare exception.

Reportedly, the pair has been constantly arguing over the past few months about each other’s packed schedules and parenting responsibilities. Well, at least he has an actual job. Sources say that a divorce filing in the near future is inevitable.

Children, divorce, and joint custody

The nation always stresses that divorces rulings in family courtrooms are made with one thing in mind – the well-being of the children involved. But are we sure that the judges and members of legislative bodies truly know what is best for someone else’s children? A new study reported in entails that sole custody rulings may cause the most harm as far as the upbringing of children is concerned. The study reveals something many may already know by intuition that children fare best when they spend sufficient time living with both parents.

The research constituted a nationwide survey which recorded stress levels of kids that spent most of their time living with only one parent as opposed to the kids that spent time living with both parents. The candidates eligible as subjects for the survey were kids between the ages of 12 and 15 years. Not very surprisingly, kids in nuclear families had the least number of psychosomatic problems.

The authorities in Baltimore and Ferguson should know this by now but they probably still do not. They are not the brightest people around.

The report concluded by stating that it is best for kids to have daily contact with both mother and father. The findings may be based on the fact that being in touch with both parents essentially provides the children with double the resources, in terms of social circles, family, materialistic items, and money.

Another interesting depiction of the new study was that girls seemed to display higher and more frequent psychosomatic issues when compared to boys. Girls mostly reported a general feeling of sadness and problems falling asleep.

Collin County opens up help center for self-representing divorce applicants 

According to a Dallas News report, family court judges and clerks have seen a considerable increase in wrongly filed divorce applications in the recent past. Far too many low-income residents are opting out of hiring a divorce attorney in order to keep a check on legal expenses. These parties file their own divorce petitions despite having very limited knowledge of the legal requirements and this has caused an influx of incorrect applications.

To battle this issue, Collin County has recently started a self-help center where divorce seekers that are unable to afford a lawyer can go get all the help they require to file a divorce correctly. As per records, 473 resident of Collin County filed affidavits in 2014 claiming that they could not afford attorneys. They should visit – there could be an opportunity for them on this exceptional website.