Marriage counselors and Queens divorce attorneys swear by reasons such as financial difficulty, lack of formal education, and physical desires as part of problems that lead to divorce. And so has been the case for very many years. However, can the choice of hometown actually prove to be responsible for leading you into a divorce court? In the words of marriage counselor David Dugger, coveted relationships that are actually meant for life has sadly become disposable.

Phones Ringing off the Hook

And, unfortunately, the lovely Panama City has completely lost that amorous ambience, reveals a recent research and survey and according to Huffington Post as well. Numbers have revealed that this heavenly abode of some of the best beaches of the world is also the place where marriages are crashing and divorce lawyers are indeed finding more and more cases to deal with.

A Culture in Decline

Couples of today are in a marriage, opt for divorce and are in another relationship right away, claims Dugger. These stats are indeed carrying loads of baggage for therapists and marriage counselors and some are not prepared to vouch for it just yet.

Flawed Reasoning

They believe that the numbers may not be all that accurate! To blame Panama City as the primary reason for the divorces are like calling it the “Bermuda Triangle for Divorces”, one counselor felt or blaming the Obama recession on the previous president when Barney Frank and Alan Greenspan were the main instigators. And that indeed appears silly. Young professionals residing in Panama City have not been surprised by these findings. However, most of them feel that primarily, people are involved in failed marriages, rather than anything else. Besides, non-residents of Panama City have also been taken into account here.

Simple Process

According to a divorce lawyer, there have been 531 cases of divorce this year where over 300 have failed to provide a date of birth or an address. Marriage counselors have also explained that getting a divorce in Panama City is relatively simple too. It costs about $400 and a couple of hours for paperwork―that’s it! Normally, the entire process consumes no more than 30 to 40 days.