DivorceGreer, SC- After a few months of not-so-nice back-and-forth, Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon have finalized their second divorce with the for Baywatch babe scoring a $1 million settlement—not a grand sum by Hollywood standards, but a decent amount. This now ends the nearly 8 year on-again and off-again saga between the two—maybe.

TMZ reports that the twice-married couple finalized their second divorce Monday with Salomon agreeing to pay Anderson $1 million. A source close to Anderson told People the divorce was never about the money and she is “devastated” about her latest split from Salomon.

As part of the agreement Anderson allowed the divorce to be settled in Nevada, as Salomon requested.

Anderson and Salomon managed to compromise, but not before things got a bit nasty. He tried to file for an annulment like he did for their first marriage which lasted only a couple of months.

She said some pretty mean things about Salomon’s prowess in the bedroom and, according to TMZ, held his dog Bumble Bee hostage for a week. She also accused him of lying about where he lived so he could dodge a tax bill. Salomon wanted their divorce settled in Nevada where there is no state income tax.

After finalizing their divorce, the couple released a statement in which they lamented how awful “public divorces” can become and apologized to their loved one “for any hurt and embarrassment we have caused.”

The couple originally married in 2007 and soon split, ending that nuptial via annulment. In the ensuing years, there were restraining orders, reunifications and breakups. In January of 2014, the couple remarried, but just a few months later Anderson filed for divorce, only to call if off a few weeks later. Then in the fall of last year, the divorce was on again and the mudslinging began.

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