Lansing, MI- Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon have only been married for 6 months, but the former Baywatch actress is already calling it quits on her fourth marriage—second to Salomon.

Anderson, 47, filed the divorce documents July 3rd in a Los Angeles Superior Courting citing “irreconcilable differences,” celebrity gossip masters TMZ reported. It was just in January when Anderson announced she and the producer would be tying the knot for the second time.

But for some love doesn’t last and that seems to be more apt in Anderson and Salomon’s circumstance since this is the second time the couple married for a brief time. They previously tied the knot in 2007, but had their marriage annulled just two months later.

The couple don’t have any children together so there’s no issue there, but in the divorce documents Anderson seemed unclear about the property division aspect. According to the Daily Mail, who managed to get a copy of the divorce document, Anderson requested that property division be decided later stating she was unaware of the extent of their assets.

TMZ noted that over the weekend Salomon, 45, an avid gambler, won over $2 million in a poker game, but since Anderson filed for divorce prior to the windfall, it’s unclear if she will have any claim over those funds.

Anderson is no stranger to the process of dissolution, and perhaps should have her divorce attorney on speed dial. Before marrying Salomon twice, the Playboy model was married singer Kid Rock in 2006, but the marriage would only last one year. In 1995, Anderson married rocker Tommy Lee with whom she had two sons. That marriage however was not meant to last either and the two slit three years later.

Salomon is not saint himself either. Aside from marrying Anderson twice, he was also married to voice actress Elizabeth Daily, actress Shannen Doherty former star of Beverly Hills 90210, the Daily Mail reported,

During an interview in Cannes, Anderson gushed about how wonderful Salomon was, telling reporters that he is the only man she and her two teenage sons trusted.

Anderson isn’t the only celebrity to have incredibly short marriages. The most notorious short Hollywood marriage has to be between Kim Kardashian and basketball player Kris Humphries which lasted a whopping 72 days. That’s short, but doesn’t top the 55 hour marriage between pop diva Brittney Spears and Jason Alexander. Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman were married for just nine days. The list goes on.

People usually have the best intentions when they marry, but the reality is that some people just can’t make a marriage work despite their best efforts. It just happens and when a marriage just can’t be saved, couples need help with mundane but all important aspects of divorce like property division and child custody. Turning to a divorce attorney during this difficult time can take some of the burdens of divorce off the shoulders of their clients so they can focus on moving on with their lives.