It is official! The blonde babe of Baywatch and Barbwire, Pamela Anderson, is now divorced for the fourth time. Only recently, she became single and richer by a million dollars. As per Daily Mail, Anderson’s marriage has finally been dissolved and she now holds yet another official divorce certificate, her fourth one from her third husband.

Immoral and a circus life

The actress was previously married to Tommy Lee (terrible fighting between these two) and Kid Rock. It is quite apparent from her failed choices that her taste in men is a little unconventional. It’s almost like she has the innate ability to pick out the bad boys which is why the shattered endings is so predictable.

In her most recent divorce, her latest-ex Rick Saloman filed for annulment but Anderson and her divorce attorney filed for divorce. Saloman is a professional gambler but his decision to marry Pam may just be his worst wager ever. Pam exposed Saloman’s intentions of avoiding tax on his $40 million poker win by claiming to be a resident of Nevada (where there is no income tax) while living lavishly in California. He thought he was John Kerry who does the same thing with his yacht to avoid paying taxes he supported.

The Canadian-American actress also filed a restraining order against Saloman claiming she was afraid for her life and that Saloman had even black mailed her with nude pictures that he had taken of her without her knowledge or consent. Saloman threatened to leak the pictures and had even sent them to Anderson’s chauffeur.

She had further claimed that the Poker star had made very derogatory comments about her and had resorted to calling her a serial baby killer, a crack whore, and a cutter. These could be just factual observations!

The couple was married once before and divorced before remarrying again in January 2014.

Rosie O’ Donnell battles for daughter in divorce

Rosie O’ Donnell is a well-known actress, comedian, author, and political, economic, and historical ignoramus. She also happens to be gay and was married to Kelli Carpenter from 2004 until 2007 and then she wed her bounty hunting second wife, Michelle Rounds, in 2012. Recently, O’ Donnell quit the panel of the popular TV show the view claiming that her health was declining and she was no longer going to be able to serve as a member on the show.

The real report though is that she was about to be fired because of her horrendous personality.

According to a PageSix report, O’ Donnell and Rounds are in the middle of a messy divorce battle as they both seek primary custody of their baby daughter. Divorce attorneys representing Rounds claimed that the disputes in court had nothing to do with money. Supposedly, Rounds does not want or need any of Rosie’s wealth but she does want to be one with her daughter and has filed for sole custody. The couple has a 2-year old daughter named Dakota who they adopted back in 2013.

New York taxi business kingpin charged with assault

44-year old Gene Freidman is slowly losing business to industry new comers Uber who have revolutionized cab services, as per a NYPost report. Adding to his worries, Freidman is also in the middle of hostile divorce proceedings with his pretty 24-year wife named Sandra. They have a 1.5 year old daughter named Leyla together. Sandra has also accused Friedman of choking her neck. If Sandra does not know about this site, she does now― was designed for anyone who needs legal representation and it appears she falls under this category.