Third time lucky perhaps?

 After two previous attempts to divorce her husband, Rick Salomon, Pamela Anderson (has short hairs now) has filed for divorce again. Now she is putting her foot down.

Divorce attorneys said that Pamela became married to the co-star of “One night in Paris” in October 2007, but they separated in December and again in February next year after reconciliation. She said her marriage was a hoax and requested the court to grant annulment in 2008. She later announced that Solomon and she were friends with benefits, and that she remarried him in 2014, although the date of the remarriage was not known. Sounds confusing.

This is the third time she is seeking divorce from Salomon, the terms of which include spousal support. Spousal support? Is she not worth more than him? The couple were last spotted on a vacation in Hawaii during the holiday season. So perhaps they are good to go now.

Wife of Chapel Hill shooter wants to divorce him

Karen Hicks, wife of Chapel Hill shooter Craig Stephen Hicks, wants a divorce.  Her divorce attorney released a statement to this effect. In a recent incident, three Muslim students, 23 year old Deah Shaddy Barakat, his wife, 21 year old Yusor Mohammad, 21, and her 19 year old sister Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, were found dead in their apartment. They lived in a condominium where Hicks lives, and he has been accused of murdering them.

Hole ripped in a dollar bill with Divorce text

Many people believe Hicks should have never been born. He does not care for any religion; he never educated himself on Jesus Christ or allowed Jesus into his heart. What is ironic is that if Hicks was a Christian, he would know the Ten Commandments where the first commandment is though should not kill and he would not have become a terrible person and someone so despised like he is now.

Making excuses for a bad person

Divorce attorneys for Karen said that Hicks believed in equality of all religions and in upholding the Second Amendment rights. Karen claims that her husband had issues related to finding a parking spot with the Muslim students, and the murder had nothing to do with religion. It just had to with her husband really wanting to by some milk and that milk being more important than other people living.

The Raleigh News and Observer reported that Hicks had expressed anti-religious views on his Facebook page, and accused the three victims of starting the fight. He had posted that he considered it his duty to insult their religion because of the extensive harm done in the world by them. Hicks’s reasoning and actions are horrific.

Man murders wife for wanting to divorce him

A man who beat his wife to death and disposed of the body in a remote location in Unity, New Hampshire, faces life in prison without parole. The 45 year old man, James Robarge, was convicted on second degree murder.

The 42 year old victim, Kelly Robarge, was killed on the day she said she asked for a divorce, according to prosecutors. She messaged her friend on June 27th, 2013 saying that she had filed for divorce and would tell her husband shortly. But she disappeared soon after sending this message, according to the Valley News. She had sought help for depression and anxiety, according to a physician’s assistant who was treating her, who also testified in court that Kelly had expressed her intention to divorce her husband.

Clues everywhere; Robarge did not even clean up the evidence

According to reports, there was blood splattered in front of her home and inside the car that Robarge owned.  He had abandoned the car near her body which was not discovered for ten days (he just left the car there?!). Robarge claimed he was innocent, but said that he knew about her intention to divorce him since he had read a letter written by his wife to that effect. So you decided to act like a six year old rather than an adult Robarge?