Pamela Anderson and Rick Solomon married on 6th October 2007, when they reportedly adjusted the ceremonies of their nuptials between the evening and matinee shows of “The Beauty of Magic” in which Pamela was playing a part! However, as divorce attorneys would swear by, this was indeed a whirlwind romance that got over in a whisker! The much hyped marriage lasted only about 10 weeks post which both sought assistance of their respective divorce professionals to file for separation citing irreconcilable differences. Eventually, the couple was granted annulment on the grounds of fraudulence.

Completely in Love

However, on what would have been their sixth wedding date if the marriage had lasted, the two appeared to be very much together, walking around Paris in hand in hand, unable to disguise their passion for each other! Clearly taken over the overpowering romance in the air, the couple fondly held hands, indulged in lingering kisses and resorted to a very open public display of affection before fellow tourists. It was more like as if they were honeymooning than being estranged ex partners.

More than Meets the Eye

They continued to gaze into each other’s eyes, looking totally lost in love. Pam was dressed in an off shoulder dress complimented with ballet flats. Rick was in simple trousers and sweater along with a black cap, all part of his black ensemble.

Apart from this amorous outing in Paris, the couple has also been spotted in company of each other in the months gone by. There was beachside holiday in Hawaii too, that garnered loads of media attention. Pamela was also married to Kid Rock and Tommy Lee and the latter abused her because she did not deserve that much respect, apparently. She should not have ever been involved with someone with such poor character in the first place many believe. Furthermore, Rick is best known for starring in the porn video titled “One Night in Paris” along with then girlfriend Paris Hilton, in 2004.

If this reconciliation happens, it would surely be one of the most interesting reconciliations in recent times, considering that they had separated over six years ago.