After three decades of marriage, Ozzy Osborne and wife Sharon are separated.

Los Angeles, CA- Their relationship survived a lot over the past thirty-three years, but now Sharon and Ozzy Osborne are calling it quits. But are the couple getting a divorce?

Multiple media outlets reported that the 67-year-old former lead singer of Black Sabbath moved out of the couple’s Los Angeles home. The Sun reports that the rock singer has been living in Southern California hotel.

While the couple hasn’t filed for divorce yet, it is possible since insiders tell the media that Ozzy was cheating on Sharon with a 45-year-old stylist. The source told the Sun that Sharon had suspected something was going on with Ozzy but only recently discovered proof of her suspicions. The source said their marriage “is hanging on by a thread.”

Cheating is a breach of trust, but it usually has no impact on a couple’s divorce without the right attorney.

This latest split is the second time the couple has made headlines for marital trouble. In 2013, Ozzy experienced a relapse and began using drugs and alcohol again. Divorce rumors swirled around the couple then, but both assured their fans they were staying together, and they did! Whether their marriage will survive this latest bout of troubles is anyone’s guess.

Many couples who deal with infidelity can move beyond it without calling it quits on their marriage, but not all couples can. For some people, though, infidelity is a deal breaker and divorce is the next logical step, and they may be wondering how it will affect their divorce. If your spouse is cheating and you have questions, USAttorneys recommends you speak with a divorce lawyer near you in Los Angeles.

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For the most part, cheating does not affect divorce in California because it is a no-fault state. That means that neither spouse has to show any wrongdoing to obtain a divorce. So, when it comes to me granted a divorce, infidelity doesn’t matter.

However, cheating might affect the final divorce settlement. During settlement negotiation, allegations of infidelity can be leveraged the get a better divorce settlement. The law doesn’t require cheating spouses to pay a larger settlement, but the cheating spouse may be willing to pay a larger settlement because of the pain they caused their spouse.

If the cheating spouse spent a large amount of a couple’s money on their lover, they could be asked to pay a larger settlement amount. Furthermore, cheating has no impact on child custody unless the affair was carried out in front of a couple’s children.

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A divorce lawyer will work to get you the best settlement.

Finding out that your spouse cheated is demoralizing and hurtful and you may be tempted hurt them back. We recommend you speak with a divorce lawyer in Los Angeles before you do anything or say anything that hurt your case. Emotions can get the better of you, and you could end up getting a smaller settlement than you deserve. If you’re angry, your feelings are understandable but don’t take revenge! Take action and hire a divorce lawyer to work on your claim. Let USAttorneys connect you with an attorney today.