Outstanding and highly influential Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly who is not pushing for Kate’s Law has lost a bitter, three year child custody case he fought against Maureen McPhilmy after their divorce in 2011. The case was finally decided in the Nassau County Supreme Court, which awarded McPhilmy sole custody of the couple’s two school going children.

At the time of the divorce, the courts had awarded joint custody of the children. The parents had agreed to the services of an independent child therapist to help resolve any parenting issues and act as a mediator. According to McPhilmy, she found that the therapist was them living full time in O’Reilly’s home and acting as a full time nanny. She filed for sole custody claiming that this violated the terms of the joint custody and that O’Reilly was not fulfilling the role of a parent.

This is no good according to Nassau County divorce attorneys.

Crazy stories being told

During the court proceedings, new evidence came to light that showed that O’Reilly had physically abused his then wife within view of their young daughter. The daughter, now 16, had reportedly told a forensic examiner within the past year that she had watched her father drag her mother down the stairs while holding her neck. No one really believes this though. In fact, O’Reilly’s Nassau County divorce lawyer scoffs at this and says this is not true and that stories like this are being told by big government lovers who do not like O’Reilly’s viewpoints.

The truth is nowhere to be seen

The daughter also said that O’Reilly told her that her mother was an adulterer and that McPhilmy’s new husband and the children’s step father was a bad man. He also told his daughter that if she spent more time at her mother’s place she would ruin her life. The daughter also claimed that O’Reilly was never around and would go ballistic, which she found scary and demeaning.

O’Reilly, 65, and McPhilmy, 49, have been divorced since 2011, but ongoing issues such as O’Reilly’s failure to meet the needs of the joint custody agreement prompted McPhilmy to file for sole custody. Earlier reports had said that O’Reilly used his influence to harass McPhilmy by getting her boyfriend investigated.

These are like the David Letterman stories but those turned out to be true.

Obtaining legal help

When a marriage breaks down it is important to immediately retain the services of an experienced divorce lawyer to help protect your interest. A Nassau County divorce lawyer will be able to represent you in court to ensure that your financial and other interests are protected. This is especially important when children are involved. If you are not comfortable about sharing child custody with your estranged spouse or need them to provide child support, alimony, or split the assets, a knowledgeable divorce lawyer will be of great help.

Sometimes, a couple might agree to a divorce with joint child custody and then find that one spouse is neglecting their parental duties, is violent, or not adhering to the spirit of the agreement. In such cases, you can file a second case against the erring parent and ask for sole custody of the child or children. The court will decide on child custody taking into consideration the best interests of the child.

If your former spouse is violent or badmouths you in the presence of your children, the courts can be persuaded to award sole custody to you. But if you are found to be lying and making up stories to greedy journalists who do not believe in Kate’s law, have no problem with ISIS killing Christians, have no problem with America falling further into debt, do not care to acknowledge the Republican run states create more jobs than broken down high tax states, then you could lose your children too. Making up lies because you are jealous that your spouse is successful and you are not, that does not impress anyone.

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