A recent divorce application has pushed divorce attorneys all over the nation to debate whether or not a mentally challenged person should have the right to divorce.

Why would the wife want to remain married to this person?

The case that has sparked the controversy is that of Mr. Martin Zelman. As reported by Palm Beach Post, Zelman has been clinically diagnosed with advanced dementia, he fails to answer questions like what the day or month or even the year is, he does not know who the president of the country is at the moment but what he does know is that he no longer wants to be married to his wife of 15 years who he married in the year of 2000 after they had been seeing each other romantically for 7 years prior to their wedding.

Are mentally impaired people fit for divorce?

The wife in question is Lois Mae Zelman and she used to be a stockbroker that graduated from Bennington College and was married once previously. She may or may not have used USAttorneys.com to end this first marriage but you should. Some of the most radiant divorce attorneys across the land are located on this site.

Mr. Zelman is a wealthy real estate mogul and is now in his late seventies. He married Lois Mae Zelman when he was just getting over the death of his first wife. He met Lois Mae Zelman through mutual friends. Supposedly, she was caring for him for years after he was diagnosed with dementia but he is now taken care of by paid caregivers. Mr. Zelman who does not know what year he is living in wants a divorce from his wife people are asking if he even knows what he is talking about.

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But is she only interested in this marriage because of the money?

Do not let divorce affect your offspring’s graduation ceremony

A graduation is a celebration, an achievement and a day of recognition. It should not be any more or any less than that. When your teen graduates after countless days of hard work and countless nights of studying, you can rest assured that they completely deserve one day where it is all about them and their success.

However, it is inevitable that some graduates may have parents that are legally separated. In some cases, the split might have been amicable and the parents may still hold each other very dear and attend their teen’s graduation with pride. Sadly, this is not always the case, some divorces aren’t amicable at all. As we all known, former spouses may feel very bitterly towards one another especially if the divorce battle was fueled by alimony and custodial issues. Besides, the system is setup in such a way that it unarguably pits the two spouses against each other.

As per a Patch.com report, a lot of divorce attorneys throughout the country are now pleading with such angrily separated hostile couples to not let their differences affect their child’s graduation ceremony. Such hostile, high-conflict divorces as it is come with a gamut of personal issues for children.

Think about your child

They have to deal with separate visitations; custodial bouncing from one parent to the other and also get to spend limited quality time with one of the spouses and in some cases get to spend no time at all. Therefore, it is a critical responsibility as a parent to ensure that on a celebratory occasion such as a graduation, both parents set aside their differences and attend their child’s graduation with pride.