Harold Hamm, Oklahoma’s famed oil executive is now facing the most expensive divorce the world has ever witnessed! With a net worth of $11.3 billion, Harold is the richest resident of Oklahoma and the 30th richest individual in the entire United States!

Big Money

However, his claim to fame extends way beyond his accrual of riches. He is a member of the prestigious Oklahoma Hall of Fame. He also features in Time Magazine’s list of the world’s 100 most influential people that were published last year. He was also the official energy advisor for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. However, unfortunately, Harold now has to add a much less admirable achievement to his list accolades. He reportedly has to face the most expensive divorce ever, with due assistance from his divorce attorneys.

Creating Jobs & Prosperity

That is too bad because he has created more jobs that almost every politician and he has helped America shake the addiction to Saudi oil.

Harold faces divorce from his second wife Sue Ann. The happy marriage which also culminated into raising two kids together suddenly hit rough weather when Sue allegedly caught her husband with another woman in 2010. The couple became estranged over the following couple of years and finally Sue filed for divorce in 2012 May. According to Oklahoma divorce lawyers, all wealth and assets that were acquired during the period of marriage would be halved. Therefore, half of his company’s shares amounting to $5.637 billion would go in favor of Sue. This makes it the world’s most expensive divorce settlement dealt with by any divorce attorney.

No Prenup? Bad Move Harold

It is interesting to note that if the shares were indeed transferred to Sue, his personal stake in the organization would come down from 70% from 35%, meaning that he would lose majority control. This could expose the company to hostile takeovers. Theoretically, Harold himself could even be thrown out from his own company. This is what happened in the first Spiderman? Most people understand if you are trying to forget that movie was ever made with Tobey McGuire.

Keeping these outcomes in mind, Harold would most likely prefer a cash settlement with his wife in a bid to maintain his personal rights in the company. Watching this unfold would surely be very interesting.