Oklahoma City, OK-Harold Hamm, the Oklahoma Oil Baron who was recently order to pay his a $1 billion divorce settlement, has scored a victory this week, perhaps putting to be the infamous “Billionaire divorce” that repeatedly snatched national headlines last fall.

NBC News reports that today, the Oklahoma Supreme Court dismissed Sue Ann Arnall’s appeal in which she alleged she deserved a much larger chunk of her former husband’s wealth which is an estimated $18 billion.

Last November, a divorce judge awarded Arnall a $974.8 million settlement after a two-month trial. She was seeking a much larger amount which she said she deserved because she said she helped her husband of twenty years build Continental Resources into the multi-billion dollar business it is today.

In January of this year, Arnall made headlines again when she cashed the billion dollar check despite having filed an appeal. On Tuesday the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that since Arnall cashed the settlement check, she forfeited her right to appeal, NBC News reported.

Arnall initially asked for alimony on top of her significant divorce settlement, but that request was denied. In addition to the billion dollars, Arnall was paid $25 million dollars when they first filed and she was also awarded the couple’s $4.9 million marital home in Oklahoma along with a California ranch valued at $17.9 million.

As for Hamm, he was able to keep the bulk of his wealth along with 100 shares of Continental Resources stock. His divorce appeal is still pending.

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