Frank McCourt, the former National League franchise owner of the Dodgers, gave a false estimate of the franchise, according to his ex-wife, Jamie McCourt. She claimed that she agreed for the divorce settlement amount of a $131 million based on his estimate of $300 million. Jamie submitted a plea in the appeals court to have that settlement overturned since she believed she was owed $770 million.

Ex-wife loses

A panel comprising of three judges at the state’s 2nd District Court of Appeal upheld the ruling of Los Angeles Superior Court judge, who had rejected her plea.

The Dodgers were bought in 2004 by Frank and the couple were married in 1979. He however, sold the franchise six months after the settlement, for $2.15 billion. In her plea, Jamie had claimed that Frank had given various different estimates ranging from 2 billion in 2004, to just $300 million in 2009.

Some people are not happy with just being a millionaire, their avarice knows no bounds.

Filing for divorce in Alabama

A Birmingham Alabama divorce attorney can help you with the entire process of filing for divorce in Alabama but this article lists out some key points that will help make the process smoother.

The law in Alabama requires that one of the spouses filing for divorce be a resident of the county where one intends to file for divorce for at least six months. Anyone filing for divorce should first ensure he or she meets this criterion. Filling the forms out in the correct county is the first step.

The complaint for divorce is the first form to be filled according to divorce attorneys. The grounds for divorce must then be stated, which could either be no fault or any one of the following including, impotence adultery, abandonment, deviant sexual behavior, alcohol abuse, having been imprisoned or confined in mental hospital for at least five years, or domestic violence.

The complaint should also include details on the assets, debts, child maintenance, alimony and custody that need to be addressed by the court. However, an uncontested divorce can be obtained if all the above issues are settled amicably between the couple and a divorce settlement is signed to that effect.

The divorce complaint is to be handed over to the county’s clerk’s office in the circuit court. The clerk hands over a copy of the document with a date stamp.

Ways of serving the complaint

The petitioner needs to serve a copy of the divorce complaint to the spouse. The simplest way of doing this is when the divorce attorney of the spouse or the spouse accepts the complaint, and gives the acceptance in writing in the Acknowledgement of Service Form.

There is another avenue as well, a process server can also serve the complaint, who registers that he or she has served the document to the defendant in the court docket. According to Birmingham Alabama divorce attorneys, the complaint can also be served by publishing it in the newspaper, or sending it by certified mail, when the spouse refuses to accept the service.

All financial documents would have to be handed over to the court, including income, assets, debts, tax returns, bank statements, and credit card statements.