Susan Sarandon, the talented Academy Award winner, is now in India. And she has more than just films on her mind. She is currently actively participating in an initiative of educating girls of Tamil Nadu. This is a drive which was started by her way back in 2000. Susan is known for her roles in Stepmom, Thelma and Louise, Dead Man Walking, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show, among others. However, she has also been in the news for several other reasons.

Walked Away from Tim

Divorce attorneys have been especially curious about her split with Tim Robbins, with whom she had a 23 year old relationship. When questions were put to her about the sanctity of the institution of marriage, she pledged her faith in marital alliances.

Her Views on Marriage

However, she told divorce lawyer friends that marriages are only meant for those who wish to stay married. Why did she get married if she had a feeling she would want to walk away eventually? For others, there is no certainty that the bonds will last a lifetime. She also stated that spouses should consider their partners as changing organisms.

Long standing marriages falling apart has proved to be a major cause of worry for divorce attorneys but not people of real faith because most people that are divorcing or that have divorced did not take a pre marriage class and chose to marry someone they thought they knew but really did not. The whole institution of marriage is being questioned and many are steadily losing faith in it but most are not. But America’s health in regards to society is being hurt by some immoral behavior led by some unfaithful and pitiful people.

On the Wrong Side of History

Susan was also under the fire for her antiwar stance and she also spoke about how difficult it was her to counter the reverse pressure during the times of President Bush. She said that although no one actually came up to her and spoke to her upfront, she could always feel being resented by Bush loyalists. She also divulged receiving death threats at that point in time. Well, she put America’s troops in harm’s way. She has been on the wrong side of every correct decision America has made in decades. She is part of the reason America is in debt and millions are unemployed. Susan has a lot to feel bad about.