Although the divorce between Nigella Lawson and her millionaire ex-husband Charles Saatchi was finalized without much of a hitch with the aid of divorce attorneys, the media battle between the couple is getting messier with every passing day.

What Kids are For

It was reported in August this year that Charles was possibly trying to use Phoebe, his daughter with wife Kay Hartenstein for defaming the famous celebrity cook in the press. However, since the photographs of her altercation with her former husband went public, Nigella always chose to maintain a stoic silence. The photos showed Nigella being throttled in public by her high profile former husband. And since then, there has been absolutely no public reaction from her.

Taking the High Ground

Recently however, Nigella chose to break her silence by tweeting the photo of a sponge cake. And with the photo came the message “Yum: settling down to The Great British Bake Off with a slice of this blackcurrant Victoria sponge,” This statement was in reference to the popular program on BBC2 which commenced with a fresh season. According to reports, Nigella chose not to mention the high profile dispute and nor was there any mention of her divorce. According to her divorce lawyers, she has already received the decree nisi and is now awaiting the decree absolute from Charles Saatchi.

Why is her ex-husband acting like a jerk? If anyone only knew.

Nigella is Gorgeous

It is clear therefore that although Saatchi chooses to be pretty vocal about his altercations with the famous Nigella, she in turn has chosen the dignified route. The lady prefers to keep her tumultuous marriage away from public glare and in inclined to maintain an identity on the basis of her culinary skills instead. Her reticence clearly speaks of her strength of character. She is a private person and chooses to be that way. So even after being in news for all the wrong reasons, Nigella has chosen her work as the ice breaker and has gone back to what she does best, cooking!