Los Angeles, CA- Academy-award winning actress Nicole Kidman denies that she advised and consoled Katie Holmes during her divorce from Tom Cruise.

Kidman was speaking to Australia’s Who magazine, whose cover she graces for their 20th anniversary edition. In the interview she asked about the rumor and her own divorce from Cruise.

While Katie was cleverly engineering her divorce from Cruise to avoid a protracted and very public divorce, rumors circulated that she turned to Kidman, who was married to Cruise for 11 years, for advice and help. But Kidman says this isn’t true.

“I wish them all well, but I was not involved,” Kidman said. Not only did she weigh in on this, but she also spoke of his divorce from Cruise.

“I married fast and really young, but I don’t regret it because it got me Bella and Connor, and I did have a fantastic marriage for a long time,” she told Who, “Then when it didn’t work out, I had to really dig deep and find my through depression, but I have no regrets about all of it,” adding that the time after her divorce was the “loneliest” time.

When Katie Holmes filed for divorce, many thought that it would be an ugly and very public dissolution and Holmes would be battling to keep custody of Suri. Holmes’ along with her divorce attorney worked hard to keep custody of her daughter, and shield herself from the glaring eye of the public.