In an interesting turn of events, megastar Tom Cruise’s current ex-wife Katie Holmes has found a friend and sympathizer in Nicole Kidman. Divorce attorneys who have been closely watching the highs and lows of Tom’s personal relationships have taken special interest in this friendship since both Katie and Nicole have been ex-wives of the Top Gun star. The actresses have reportedly been in touch with each other over the phone. Owing to the fact that they are also a part of the same industry, there is indeed a lot in common between them.Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes

Oblivion was Terrible

Sources reveal that they enjoy nibbling at gossip and also discuss priorities like careers, families, and so on. A divorce attorney who is also a common friend explained that the conversation they had was indeed a nice one. Both spoke on how it was like to be married to Tom. The ladies have chosen to remain in touch and speak more frequently with each other.  However, intimate subjects like sex have not been discussed among them yet. And since both women are mothers, the kids and the developments in their lives prove to be the center of discussion.

It was Ugly

Nicole is mother to Connor and Isabella, who are adopted children and are 18 and 20 years old respectively. After her divorce with Tom, she adopted two more kinds, Sunday who is five and Faith who is two, with present husband Keith Urban. Katie, as most know, shares a seven year old biological daughter with Suri Cruise, with Tom. Both Katie and Tom had quite an acrimonious divorce in June of last year. However, the custody of Suri finally went to Katie.

Why would she marry a scientologist in the first place? Why would she even consider doing that? Why did she give up Batman II to be with Tom as well? That does not make sense. Why did Christopher Nolan replace the cute Katie Holmes with the goofy looking Maggie Gyllenhaal? Why did the Joker think she was attractive which is yet another question to ask.

Divorce lawyers who are also close to Katie and have been in touch with her since her separation, state that she is even contemplating starring in the same film with Nicole.