Terms of divorce not clear

Five-time Grammy Award-winning singer Mariah Carey, 45, and singer-actor and “America’s Got Talent” host Nick Cannon, 34, are headed for splitsville. The terms of divorce are not yet apparent, but Nick is believed to be the one bringing in more money now, although Carey definitely had more when she married him. Divorce attorneys said that according to the TMZ reports, Nick reportedly filed for divorce on December 12th last year ahead of his wife.

According to TMZ, the document also specifies the net worth of each. Carey is allegedly worth $150 million and although Nick came into the marriage with less than $500,000, he has now earned millions of dollars independently. The couple have 3-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe.

Confidentiality clause

The couple have already worked out the full property settlement agreement although the terms of divorce are yet to be revealed. Divorce attorneys said that the couple also have a strong pre-nup confidentiality clause.  Carey has to cough up twice the amount that Nick has to if she violates the confidentiality clause. According to informed sources, while Nick has to pay a $250,000 penalty, Mariah will pay $500,000 if she spills the beans.

Carey is now going to Las Vegas as she revealed on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” for a residency at Caesars Palace. Mariah said that she is expected to receive more than $30 million on her first ever residency at Vegas, and the Sin City crowd would get to hear 18 of her number one hits. It is too bad she has not had a number one hit for quite some time. At least she never made controversial videos like Beyoncé does for children.

The diva and her tantrums

The diva status of Carey is well known. She showed up late for taping a section for the Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree Lighting on Dec. 3rd, which was just one week before Nick filed for divorce.

Nick had previously admitted that his wife was a diva on the American talk show Anderson Live. He had joked that being the diva she is, she frequently left the room when it came to nappy changing and that he was the one that got more of the duty.

On MTV cribs, she changed costumes 6 times and got into the bathtub fully clothed. Sleeping with 20 humidifiers around her bed, and buying every single seat on a flight are other instances that showcase her diva status. She called out a backup vocalist mid performance, who was singing too loud, during a Good Morning America performance of “Touch My Body,” singing in tune “Stop singing my part now, baby.”

Mariah now reportedly wants a cut off Nick’s fortunes, which, according to OK Magazine reports is worth $20 million with Nick’s foray into deejaying, producing, and developing a line of back-to- school products.

Nick thrived

Sources said that Mariah claimed Nick got more opportunities after marrying her, but Nick intended to fight tooth and nail for the money, even if Mariah is used to getting whatever she wants. Well, what did you think was going to happen Mariah! Why did you marry a younger man is what many people would like to know?

The same source noted that while Mariah has suspected Nick of being unfaithful, Nick believes that Mariah has had relationships with bodyguards and trainers. What are the chances of any of them saying no?