With the intention to make standards in terms of how much money is awarded as child support, who is responsible for paying it, and what factors should be considered by the judicial system in order to determine these, the federal government has extensive child support guidelines which family court judges and lawyers are well aware of.

However, the guidelines vary slightly or even substantially from one state to the other and therefore it is always prudent to seek a family law lawyer to understand the laws concerning your state.

Having said that, let us now focus on the factors which judges use to asses child support terms in most divorce cases where the divorcing couple has children together, as explained by forthright divorce lawyers in Newark, NJ and there is none better than the Moskowitz Law Group, LLC. This law firm has dedicated itself to making sure its clients are not mistreated by the system or the other side.


Obviously, since child support is a matter of money at the core of it, the income of the spouses involved is one of the fundamental factors when it comes to determining who is responsible for child support and how much the child support payments are going to be. It needs to be noted that some states will base their formulas gross income while others will base it on net income.

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Income is of course affected by deductions and sometimes substantially so. Therefore deductions are also considered by the family judge or court when they make decisions regarding terms of child support.

New Jersey divorce attorneys point out that in case a parent is already paying child support and/or spousal support from a previous marriage then that amount will be deducted from the salary prior to the judge making a decision about the current child support terms. However, the condition for this is that the child support payments being made from the previous marriage are not voluntary and is actually court ordered.

Child care expenses

The next thing which will come into the equation according to noteworthy Newark, NJ divorce lawyers is the amount of child care required in terms of expenses. In some states, the amount will be adjusted for and exempted from federal dependent care exemption.

Healthcare expenses

The child support terms should also specify who is responsible to pay for the child’s or children’s health insurance. The money which is spent on health insurance will be added to the child support premium and then credited to the parent who is responsible to pay for it. Unforeseen medical expenses will also be accounted for and factored in at this point.

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