A New York real estate agent, Kenneth Dearden, claims he survived a murder attempt by his unfaithful wife when she shot him in the head while he was asleep!

Husband, Kenneth Dearden alleges wife shot him to enjoy their wealth alone

On the night of November 14th, 2013 Kenneth Dearden woke up with an excruciatingly painful upper jaw in their wealthy upscale suburban home in New York. Upon being admitted to the hospital he was diagnosed with a bullet wound in the base of his skull – it was as if he was shot in the head by a low caliber weapon and the shot did not have enough power to enter his skull and was wedged in his cheekbone. The police identified the shot as being possible from one of a pair of antiques derringers belonging to the wife as gift from her parents.

Dearden has filed a suit against his wife of 18-years alleging that she tried to murder him to be with her lover, who she has courted since 2011 and who has been putting her under pressure to end her marriage. He has further stated that after surviving the attack he has not sought divorce and stayed with her for over a year even after her filing for divorce, but he does continuously live in fear of another attack which he fears may be successful this time. Ironically, Emily Dearden is a psychologist with the NYPD.

She may also a terrible shot, poor planner, and someone without any morality.

Desperate attempts at reconciliation?

The couple and their two daughters live in their suburban home. In spite of her infidelity Dearden claims to have continued living with his wife in an effort to keep the family together. Dearden’s divorce attorney says his client’s wife, who has been suspended from her job and after having been freed on a $150,000 bail has moved to Manhattan, has until the end of December to respond to the lawsuit.

Kenneth Dearden knows how the gorgeous Julia Roberts felt in this not so good movie.

Kenneth Dearden knows how the gorgeous Julia Roberts felt in this not so good movie.

Emily Dearden arrested for shooting her husband with a Derringer

After the lawsuit the couple’s lives has changed. Emily has moved to Manhattan and the two daughters live with their father. Her divorce attorney finds the lawsuit baseless and calls it retaliation by an angry husband upon his wife for her having filed for divorce. Then who shot the husband counselor?

Kenneth Dearden claims he went looking for his wife after the shooting to take him to the hospital. He allegedly found her on the floor, saying she had hurt herself in the head. When the police came to investigate after having been informed by the hospital, she was washing bloodied clothes and asked them if they had a warrant.

Divorce attorney Raoul Felder told The Guardian that as an experienced attorney who has handled divorce cases of the likes of Liz Taylor and Mike Tyson these things happen when a marriage is nearing an end, which makes it wise for couples to not live together during this time. The suffering that results from hatred can end up with unprecedented things happening, which is evident from Dearden’s case.