Brooklyn, NY – While couples divorce for a large number of different reasons, there are some common signs that indicate that a marriage is about to end. Being able to recognize these signs is crucial, as getting professional advice early and often can help a divorce end quickly and minimize the damage it causes to a person’s finances and emotions. Research over the years related to marriage and family problems has shown that there are almost always some of these factors present in the months or years before a separation formally happens.  

The signs of a troubled marriage

Creating separate lives is a strong indicator that both members of the couple are starting to feel that they would be better off outside of the marriage. If the spouses start to spend most of their time away from their partner, the marriage starts to seem unnecessary. This is also a way that both spouses show they may no longer want to invest in the marriage, and it starts to seem like their problems just are not worth solving. 

Increased criticisms and insults tend to become more regular before a divorce as well. Many married couples may often joke about their partner’s bad habits, but at a certain point this can turn into resentment and feelings that the person will never change. 

Planning for a future that does not include the other spouse shows that there is little hope the marriage will be saved. This often can involve making new friendships, finding new activities, and generally looking for things to do without the spouse, or after the divorce. Some people even go as far as seeking out new romantic partners or moving to a new location and changing careers while engaging in these behaviors. 

A decline in intimacy is almost universal in couples that are about to divorce. If the physical aspects of the relationship just are not present anymore, the other parts of the relationship are also likely to follow. 

Financial problems are another issue that is common in stressed couples, and a strong contributing factor to divorces. Constant arguing about money can make any relationship unbearable. Legitimate money problems and not being able to pay bills can start to seriously stress people and affect every aspect of their lives. 

Getting legal representation after noticing these signs

When an upcoming divorce is apparent, it is important for each spouse to get their own attorney. This can be crucial in terms of preparing for property division, child custody, and the possibility of losses of money and assets. 

Retaining a local divorce attorney

Anyone who is interested in legal representation can get help from a local lawyer in the Brooklyn area. Elliot Green Law Offices helps clients who need to get through their divorces successfully. 

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