Some divorces between celebrities and other high net worth individuals are drawn out for years because of disputes over property and money. When multiple children are involved, custody and support can be another difficult matter to resolve. 

Well known celebrity couple Brad Bitt and Angelina Jolie were still handing legal issues related to their divorce over a year after they had been formally declared separated. Local news for New York reported on some of the details of their drawn out struggle and court battles. 

Custody dispute over six children lingers for years

The main issue that is still being decided is related to custody of their six children, who have been caught in the middle of this dispute for years now. Pitt’s lawyer claims that Jolie has filed a motion to have the judge in the case replaced as a delay tactic that has nothing to do with the merits of the issues at hand. He further claims that these delays will harm the children as they wait for resolution and attempt to move on with their lives. The couple has six children together who have been affected by these issues. 

The move by Jolie’s attorneys is a confusing one, as the judge in this case had previously handled other matters for the couple, including their wedding, and was personally selected by her for representation in various hearings since 2014. Pitt’s attorney concluded by saying that the move to recuse the judge seems to be done out of “bad faith and desperation” after four years of ongoing proceedings without issue.  

Pitt and Jolie have been legally divorced since a final order was issued by a judge in April of 2019. Aside from these child custody disputes, child support payments, and various financial matters related to their divorce are still unresolved.  

Why are divorces like this so complicated?

As a general matter, people who are very wealthy can have many sources of income and assets. Because all of these need to be disclosed, accounted for, and possibly divided between the two spouses, it can take a lot of time. Property division is also more complex if the couple owns multiple homes in different states, as the rules can change based on where the property is located and which court has jurisdiction over the residence. 

Lawyers who focus their entire practice on family law issues can give more specific advice based on your income and assets. 

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