Once someone has already been divorced, it is more likely that any subsequent marriages will also end in divorce as well. Changes to divorce laws everywhere in America in the last several decades have made this easier through the no fault divorce regime.  

Local news for New York reported on a celebrity who was in the middle of finalizing her fourth divorce.

Well known actress decides it is time to separate again

The actress and news host Stacey Dash made a formal announcement that she would separate and end a marriage for the fourth time in her life. She had initially gained fame as an actress in the 1990s in movies such as “Clueless,” then worked as a conservative news personality for Fox from 2014 to 2017. 

The 54 year old actress said that she and her husband, Jeffrey Marty who is an attorney, would be going their separate ways after just over two years. It was rumored that they married after only about ten days of courtship in April of 2018. She made an Instagram post that spoke of their decision after much prayer and thought. Both members of the couple apparently agreed and decided it was best to move on and go their separate ways.

About seven months earlier, Dash had been arrested for a domestic violence incident where she allegedly hit Marty during an argument. The charges were dropped at a later time when Marty decided that he did not want to go forward with the case and told prosecutors he was not interested in pursuing formal legal action. In October of 2019, Dash claimed that the situation was just a normal argument that escalated. She also caused controversy over some statements she made while appearing on Fox News programs, which some people speculated led to their decision to not renew her contract after three years. 

How multiple divorces are possible

It is now possible for people to get divorced for essentially any reason in every jurisdiction in the United States, because no fault divorces are available everywhere. This means that there does not need to be proof of a serious violation of marital vows such as adultery, abandonment, or imprisonment. Couples routinely separate because they are merely unhappy or do not get along. This has led to situations like the news story above where some people choose to marry and divorce as they feel they need to, even if they go through the process again every few years. 

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