No fault divorce laws have made it very simple for one spouse to start the divorce process. Because of this, the news will sometimes report on celebrity couples who split in a very impersonal manner.

39 year old actress Chrishell Strause spoke with the media about a situation where her husband told her he was filing for divorce through a text message

Celebrity couple divorces via text message

The divorce story was revealed in the third season of the series “Selling Sunset.” She said that he simply sent a text message saying that he had filed the initial paperwork for the divorce. Within hours, the story was published in several media outlets. 

Like many no fault divorce petitions, the 43 year old actor simply claimed in the filing that he wanted to end the marriage due to irreconcilable differences. His wife had no idea that he was planning to get a divorce, and he had apparently never spoken to her about his decision. She also gave few details regarding the separation to her fans and media, because she apparently does not know exactly what prompted her husband to take such a large step towards developing a new life so suddenly. She explained that other people want answers, but she has many of the exact same questions. 

The couple had only been married for two years, but they had been together for a total of six counting their courtship and dating period. Strause said that he had threatened to leave and said “I’m out” several other times in recent months when they had gotten into arguments, but there was no indication that he was actually going to leave and file for divorce

Strause said she was blindsided and had to quickly make new living arrangements because of the manner in which her husband chose to tell her about ending the marriage. Her real estate agent said that she appeared to be traumatized during the process of trying to find a new home because she was blindsided. 

The husband has been relatively quiet since sending the divorce text messages, and has not spoken with the media or his former wife. 

The ease of filing for a no fault divorce

When someone needs to get divorced in New York, they can file for a no fault divorce by submitting some initial paperwork with basic legal assistance. This can even be done by a single spouse, and there only needs to be a belief that the marriage has broken down. The simplicity of this process leads to results like the news story above in some situations. 

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